What Some of the purchasers of “The Psychology of Winning Wrestling” Are Saying…  To Purchase Click HERE

“The Psychology of Winning Wrestling is a valuable tool for wrestlers at any level. As a coach and former wrestler I was amazed at how well Lee is able to break down the mental aspects of the sport. I literally found myself going back to matches 20 years ago thinking about how my mental state caused me to win or lose specific matches. These cds are now a required part of our teams training. I am convinced that this series can make good wrestlers great and great wrestlers superstars.” Mike Welch, Head Wrestling, Lakeside High School, Sibley LA.

Thank you for sending out “The Psychology of Winning Wrestling” discs so quickly.
My family and I listened to them the entire 4 hour drive to Iowa last Saturday morning.
It’s amazing how much of what you said can affect our everyday living and attitude in our jobs., and Cody can’t wait to hear your comments on both Weight cutting and Intimidation.”

PS: I wish you could have seen Cody’s face when he heard you talking about playing the piano. He used to play the guitar, but began piano lessons last summer and loves it. He played several Christmas songs for our family Christmas in Iowa and beamed with pride when I mentioned that both he and Lee Kemp had a lot in common, both being wrestlers and musically inclined.” Sincerely, Pat Vogel, Burlington, WI

“The Psychology of Winning Wrestling” are the BEST motivational CD series that I have ever listened to. I purchased them for my Grandson who is entering his freshman year in High School. BUT, before I gave them to him, I took the time to listened to them. ( I AM GLAD I DID!). I was in my car driving taking my 87 year old father to visit his 101 year old brother. I put the #1 CD in and I was really drawn in to the lessons NOT only for wrestling, but for life also. My father also listened closely, and when we go to my Uncles house my father was still discussing what we listen to on the tapes, with his 101 year old brother. I was surprised when my father ask me to continue and put the next CD in for the ride home. We spent the next 3 days together, listening to the whole series. We both thought it was Great Not only for wrestlers but for life and life’s lessons also. My Grandson and His father (who also wrestled at Kent State University) loved them and they regularly listen to them. The gave them to my grandsons Coach who in turn listened to them also. His coach was so impressed by the series that they are planning on inviting Lee Kemp to come and do a talk and clinic for the whole team in Westerville, Ohio! You will not be disappointed with “The Psychology of Winning Wrestling” series it will not only help you with your wrestling, it will help you with life! Thank you, Lee Kemp. for taking the time to create & share such a wonderful product to motivate & teach our up n coming wrestlers” Frank J. Mihalic, Former High School & College Coach

Lee Kemp offers an incredible insight into how he became a champion. “The Psychology of Winning Wrestling” offers some his secrets on his thought process, that i must say surprised me and gave me some great ideas on how to inspire kids to become self motivated. Dom Mancini, Head Wrestling Coach, Boardman High School Ohio

Lee, I have not had a chance to listen to all the CDs yet. I have listened to the first three and have been very impressed. I plan to have some of my wrestlers listen to them also. I will get back to you with a more thorough feedback in the future. I have been a big fan of yours for a long time. You defeated one of my best wrestlers ever, Bob Gruner, in the semis of the Northern Open in 1980. Coach Jim Koch, Univ of Wisconsin- Parkside

 I ordered Lee Kemps Psychology of winning wrestling cds for my son, we have listened to them many times on the way to wrestling practice (2hr drive) and tournaments, he also put it on his Ipod, it is excellent, he particularly likes G.O.Y.A and N.M.W. –Teri Talach