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“The Psychology of Winning Wrestling” by Lee Kemp and Rob Gilbert.
Twelve Session, Five ½ hour Downloadable Mp3 Audio Series Revealing 125 Super Success Secrets Including All Those Secrets That Raised Me From “Average Wrestler” to World Champion…

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Testimonials: “The Psychology of Winning Wrestling” are the BEST motivational CD series that I have ever listened to. I purchased them for my Grandson who is entering his freshman year in High School. BUT, before I gave them to him, I took the time to listened to them. ( I AM GLAD I DID!). I was in my car driving taking my 87 year old father to visit his 101 year old brother. I put the #1 CD in and I was really drawn in to the lessons NOT only for wrestling, but for life also. My father also listened closely, and when we go to my Uncles house my father was still discussing what we listen to on the tapes, with his 101 year old brother. I was surprised when my father ask me to continue and put the next CD in for the ride home. We spent the next 3 days together, listening to the whole series. We both thought it was Great Not only for wrestlers but for life and life’s lessons also. My Grandson and His father (who also wrestled at Kent State University) loved them and they regularly listen to them. The gave them to my grandsons Coach who in turn listened to them also. His coach was so impressed by the series that they are planning on inviting Lee Kemp to come and do a talk and clinic for the whole team in Westerville, Ohio! You will not be disappointed with “The Psychology of Winning Wrestling” series it will not only help you with your wrestling, it will help you with life! Thank you, Lee Kemp. for taking the time to create & share such a wonderful product to motivate & teach our up n coming wrestlers”Frank J. Mihalic, Former High School & College Coach

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Click HERE for a PDF outline of the 12-Session, 5½ Hour, Downloadable Mp3 Audio Series, Revealing 125 Super Success Secrets including All Those Secrets That Raised Me From “Average Wrestler” to World Champion…

When you use these tapes you’ll start winning more often because you’ll learn:

  • 3 “magic words” that’ll give you the self-confidence to win more
  • 10 deadly mental mistakes you should never make if you want to be a winner.
  • The night before the match: exactly what you have to do to win the next day.
  • 14 “killer” words you should never say to yourself.The #1 secret of the superstars.
  • Exactly how to defeat stress and panic.
  • The winning secrets of Dan Gable, Muhammad Ali and the Great Gama (You haven’t heard of him but he was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and he has something very important to teach you about winning).

These CD’s aren’t boring lectures on theory. They are the techniques that I and other superstars have used to become winners. AND THESE SAME TECHNIQUES WILL WORK FOR YOU REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE OR SKILL LEVEL..

As soon as you start using these tapes, I guarantee two things will happen”

1. You’ll start defeating mental problems like choking.

2. You’ll start wrestling a whole lot better and WINNING MORE OFTEN!


Session 1 “Getting Ready to Win”
Session 2 “The Confidence Factor”
Session 3 “A Winning Attitude”
Session 4 “Instant Motivation”
Session 5 “Relax and Win”
Session 6 “The Night Before”
Session 7 “Match Day”
Session 8 “Competing to Win”
Session 9 “Making Weight”
Session 10 “Intimidation”
Session 11 “The Winning Secret”
Session 12 “Win More”

Dear Wrestler, Coach or Anyone Interested in Achieving Your Dreams. Sophomore year RECORD 11-8-3 (4th in Districts – Didn’t go to State). Junior Year RECORD 28-0-0 Undefeated Ohio State Champ). You are probably wondering what changed during that summer to turn me into a champion wrestler. Many coaches, wrestlers and their parents have asked me that same thing over the years. And I always try to give them my best answer in the brief time we have together.

But, you know what? It just isn’t enough time to properly explain and teach the principles and, more importantly, to cause the explosive changes necessary to transform them into champions. And that’s why I got together with Dr. Rob Gilbert, the world’s leading expert on sport psychology and wrestling. Dr. Gilbert was able to sit down with me and extract every last detail that you need to know to become a champion wrestler.

You know, it’s funny but he was able to get me to recall some very important things that I had either totally forgotten or assumed that everyone knew (they didn’t). What we have put together is a program that is SO powerful, SO effective, and SO easy to learn that you can start making improvements immediately!