Private Consultations with Lee Kemp
Specialized private sessions with Lee Kemp in the areas of:

  1. Wrestling Technique – 2 wrestlers of similar size is required for session.
  2. Phone Consultation – Consultation on a variety of topics i.e., nutrition, weight reduction psychological & motivational coaching and more.
  3. On-site Consultation – Personal face-to-face sessions helping with giving that extra psychological edge that’s so critical to reaching PeaShop Online2k performance.

Lee Kemp “Best of the Best” DVD Technique Series
Consisting of three DVD’s:

  1. Control Ties & Single Leg Setups
  2. Lee Kemp Single Leg
  3. Pinning

“The Psychology of Winning Wrestling”
5½ hour twelve session, audio series in a downloadabe zip file

          “Lee Kemp Poster” 
          Legacy 13″ X 19″ Poster of the Illustrious wrestling career of Lee Kemp

         “Defense Soap”
        Trusted By The Greatest World Champions

        Lee Kemp is part of the ONNIT PRO Team. What is ONNIT?