“Winning Gold” book by Lee Kemp
Lee Kemp shares the profound insights he discovered on his path to the pinnacle of success. It is his hope that you can open this book to any page and find inspiration that will help you  gold in your own life.

Private Consultations with Lee Kemp
Specialized private sessions with Lee Kemp in the areas of:

  1. Wrestling Technique – 2 wrestlers of similar size is required for session.
  2. Phone Consultation – Consultation on a variety of topics i.e., nutrition, weight reduction psychological & motivational coaching and more.
  3. On-site Consultation – Personal face-to-face sessions helping with giving that extra psychological edge that’s so critical to reaching PeaShop Online2k performance.

Lee Kemp “Best of the Best” DVD Technique Series
Consisting of three DVD’s:

  1. Control Ties & Single Leg Setups
  2. Lee Kemp Single Leg
  3. Pinning

“The Psychology of Winning Wrestling”
5 and 1/2 Total Hours in twelve audio Mp3 sessions in a downloadable zip file. A Full Transcript of all 12 Audio Files is now Available.

A Three-Part Report of valuable information on how you can “Be in the Best Shape of Your Life'” At any Stage  of Your Life.

Lee Kemp “Limited Edition” T-Shirt
Limited Edition T-Shirt with Quote on Front. 

“Lee Kemp Poster”
Legacy 13″ X 19″ Poster of the Illustrious wrestling career of Lee Kemp

 “Defense Soap”
Trusted By The Greatest World Champions

Lee Kemp is part of the ONNIT PRO Team. What is ONNIT?