What Some of the purchasers of The Lee Kemp “Best of the Best” DVD Technique series Are Saying…To Purchase Click HERE

Dan Jardine Honest to goodness, I picked up a couple of things just watching the trailer!testimonials

Ben Carver Just had an opportunity to watch mine! Great job. My sons also attended the Monster Clinic, love the single leg! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Theodore Hickey Lee Kemp was one of the best, if not “the” greatest wrestler of all time. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Jeffrey T LaMotte You are one of the best Mr. Kemp, keep those videos coming!

Robert Verdell I’ve bought “everything” and I learned things in this that I’d never seen before.

Kristina Lynn Myers YES!!! Two class acts teaming up! Coach Dave Mills & Coach Lee Kemp! I’ll get that video Mills!!

Winston Wong I have got them, and can attest that the Lee is a great teacher. Especially both his DVDs on setting up the single leg and finishing it. Lee breaks down the intricacies and nuances of the technique, so that you have a good understanding of the mechanics of it. He doesn’t glaze over techniques without breaking things down, like some other instructional out there. Because of his DVDs I now have a deeper understanding of the single leg, how to set it up and how to attack it.

When watching him teach, you will realize Lee is a master of the single leg for a reason. He is a rare combination of being a great athlete and a great teacher.

Virgil Moorehead I bought all three tapes and agree that the technique and the presentation is high quality .

Dave Mills Lee did a great job! Great technique to become a champion wrestler! We had a fun time! Lee is awesome!