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What Some of Our Wrestlers and Coaches Say…

Nathan and Palmer have been obsessed for months with an electronitestimonialsc game called Clash Royale. When it wasn’t available in the U.S., they became Canadians for about 10 minutes just so they could download the game. They have been playing it with and against their friends in all their spare time. Today, Nathan got on his iPod and discovered that one of his friends had gotten a level ahead of him over the weekend. As he was anguishing over this I said, “well, we know what [your friend] was doing this weekend. Would you rather have played Clash Royale this weekend, or wrestled with Lee Kemp?” He didn’t hesitate at all. He said, “I would definitely rather have been wrestling with Lee Kemp!!!” These Certificates? Worth WAY more than what we paid for the camp!!!
Rebecca Larson

“Club Kemp is far more that just a place to train. For me, it was a place where I was submerged in wrestling from the time I arrived until the time practice was over. Not only is learning from World Champion Lee Kemp an unrivaled experience but it is all encompassing; new technique, match strategy, nutrition, and mental training. Club Kemp gave me an edge in competition because I knew that none of my opponents had focused an the entirety of the sport the way Lee taught me to. Not only did I receive world-class instruction, but I was granted access to Lee’s wealth of knowledge and experience as a high school, NCAA, and World Champion. This all occurred in an environment where he would dedicate his undivided attention to wrestlers of all skill levels. I certainly owe a great deal to Club Kemp for my success in becoming a freestle all american this offseason!”
Dan Santoro, Barrington, IL – 4th Place 2010 Illinois 3A. 6th Place 2010 FS Nationals, Fargo.

“Lee, Ty has learned so much from your 5 week June/July program! And working out with all the state placers and tougher guys will definitely pay off this fall. He is going to focus on football the next couple of months but will be back with you once IHSA Wrestling begins. We really appreciate the one on one attention you give to each of the participants! To have that opportunity with a 3x world champion is priceless!! Please make sure we are on your mailing list. Thank you and we will see you soon!”  George and Karen Kapitzky

Lee, I wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for all that you have contributed to wrestling! I found this picture I wanted to personally thank you for your influence on GA. Wrestling. Forrest finished in the top ten this year at #130 and almost pinned his opponent that beat Acton Pifer, last years champion. You da man! Please look me up when you are in Georgia. Jeff Hormel – Duluth, GA

Hi Lee, I wanted to thank you for coaching Trent in his championship match yesterday. Winning a frosh/soph state title with Lee Kemp in his corner is something neither of us will ever forget. The Kerstens and Evangelistas have nothing but wonderful things to say about the way you coach their boys. I will definitely be in touch and try to get Trent out to work with you this spring and summer. Thanks again. Brian Atkins – IL

Mr. Kemp, I was Joe Pittman’s high school coach his first three years (I transferred to a new county school this year). I know Joe spent alot of time with you his freshman and sophomore years. I just wanted to let you know he won the AAAAA State title last week. Pretty impressive for a kid that only wrestled 4 years and last year he only got about 1/2 a season in b/c of injury and sickness. I don’t know if you keep up w/ him at all. I know it would mean the world to him to hear from you; if you can you were a big part of his success. I thought about letting you know once I saw the Iowa vs Ohio State match. Good to see you on the network and best of luck to you. web. Kevin Contardi, Lambert High Wrestling, GA

Lee wanted to let you know Joe Pittman won the 5A 171 state title down here in Georgia. I thought you would be proud to see one of the guys you put time into that it was not a waste of time and it produced fruit. He wrestled a great tournament and my family flew from Nebraska to watch. He is headed up to Nebraska to wrestle for Mark Manning. This is a great accomplishment for all involved the year you spent with him was priceless. Oh by the way Eric Kluck came up to me at State and was laughing when he saw Joe use the pulverizer during the tournament. Joe has used that move ever since you left and he pinned one opponent during the state tournament with it. Thanks for all of your work and kindness with Joe. Gene and Rosa Lydick, GA

Lee Kemp Academy of Wrestling
Re: Nico Jimenez- Marmion Academy- 171lbs 2A IHSA Wrestling State Champion

“Dear Lee, I wanted to thank you for working with my son over the summer and for taking time out of your Sunday mornings to work with him privately. It was truly amazing how you were able to reach a young man through positive reinforcement and helping him believe that winning a state championship was not out of reach. Although he recovered physically from an injury that took him out of competition his sophomore year, his mentality was fragile throughout his junior year and you were a big part of helping him believe that he could come back his senior year and win a title. As you know, winning a state championship title is the pinnacle of high school athletics and I wanted to let you know that you and your program were a positive influence in his wrestling accomplishments this year. Thank you, once again for being a part of my sons life and helping him achieve his goal of being an IHSA Wrestling State Champion!” Walt Jimenez, IL

“Hi Coach, I wanted to drop you a quick note about Michael and Lenny’s performance this past weekend. When you and I first spoke, I told you that I wanted to help them bring their wrestling to “the next level”. This weekend, I think we’re starting to see the results of the work they’ve been putting in. Both Michael and Lenny competed in the “elite” division of the Buffalo Grove tournament. Elite = no age groups. Michael wrestled an opponent from Gomez in the semifinals who he had lost to four times prior. Twice by fall, and by scores of 7-2 and 9-0. Michael won his match on Sunday in double overtime 5-4. He got the first takedown and then got 3 escapes. I think this qualifies as “the next level”. This boy placed 5th in the Illinois state tournament last year for 11-12 year olds. He is now 13. Michael lost 2-0 in the finals to a 14 year old boy who was runner up at the state tournament last year for 13-14 year olds. Lenny (who is 11) pinned a 13 year old in the semifinals of the tournament to advance to the finals against a 13 year old who was a 11-12 year old state qualifier last year. He executed the pinning combination so perfectly, that I as his coach stood on the edge of the mat shouting “Perfect! Just like that! Perfect!” He lost in the finals 7-2. Tony was also there, he pinned one of his opponents in the “Pulverizer” you taught him. Have a great day. See you tomorrow. “Matthew Peterson, IL

“Hi Lee, Ben is now 13 and completed his first season with the Arlington Cardinals and mike Rundell.  He went 20 and 5 with your Kemp single.  He often thinks of you as do others. Hope all is well with you and the kids. We also see Jake Meyer all the time. They both hang at the meets.” Vic Ponto, IL