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Lee Kemp’s Small Group, 3-Day Wrestling Weekend

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CLICK HERE FOR PDF OF UPCOMING SESSIONS A Training Destination Like No Other in the Nation – Located at Camp Reinberg, 1801 N Quentin Rd., Palatine, IL 60074. To register or for more information Email: Lee Kemp’s Small Group Program for Only 6 Wrestlers – 10 Hours of Individualized Instruction Each 3-Day session will  [ Read More ]

2014 NCAA Wrestling Championships

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2014 NCAA Wrestling Championships Special “Off The Mat Segment”

Water as Fuel? It Seems That it is Possible Now

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While academia has been spurning the topic, hundreds, if not thousands of hobbyists and independent investigators worldwide are working on various electrolysis-like projects which put out more energy than was required to run the electrolysis unit. These pursuits go by various names such as “Brown’s gas” and “water fuel cells”; and have various heroes, such  [ Read More ]

FORZA by Kemp: Nutritional Products for Athletes

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Forza nutritional products were specifically formulated from the collective input of doctors, nutritionist and other health professionals to provide absolutely the best nutritional products available anywhere! Our products are guaranteed to be 100% natural, with no preservatives or added chemicals. Proper nutrition is essential for peak performance on the mat and most wrestlers, and athletes  [ Read More ]

The Overlooked Causes of Sickness and Disease

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A healthy human body is self-regulating and self-repairing. This means that a totally healthy human body functioning the way it was designed by our creator will never get sick or experience sickness and disease. Why is this so? The human body is self-regulating and self-repairing. At this very minute your body is performing a multitude of  [ Read More ]

Instant Foods Comparison

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Trying to decide between which two foods is best? Now you can easily compare the nutritional content of two different foods. Click on the picture below and enter your two foods.

Why You Should Completely Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

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The vast amounts of artificial sweeteners going into our everyday food are staggering, and there are some artificial sweeteners that can have a devastating effect on your health. Artificial sweeteners are used almost ubiquitously now in our society as a way of replacing sugar and reducing the caloric content of food. Despite the initial annoyances  [ Read More ]

What Kind of Protein Are You Buying?

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That there are 4 different types of whey protein.  Many nutritional companies would have you believe that all whey proteins are the same, but that is very misleading.  All whey protein is NOT created equally.  In fact, there are significant differences between the various forms of whey.  If you’re a food and nutritional label reader  [ Read More ]

Naked Juice Admits It’s Not So Natural

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Naked Juice Is Not So Natural Afterall. PepsiCo, parent company of Naked Juice,  recently settled on a $9 million Natalie Pappas v. Naked Juice Co. of Glendora class-action lawsuit which began in 2011, involving its Naked juice brand, admitting that its products weren’t “all natural,” despite being advertised as such on each bottle. Labels also include the phrase,  [ Read More ]