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What Some of the purchasers of “The Psychology of Winning Wrestling” Are Saying…  To Purchase Click HERE “The Psychology of Winning Wrestling is a valuable tool for wrestlers at any level. As a coach and former wrestler I was amazed at how well Lee is able to break down the mental aspects of the sport.  [ Read More ]


Discover the one thing all super-successful wrestlers have in common… On CD #6, Part 1,  Lee Kemp and Dr. Rob Gilbert discuss the one biggest secret to super success in LIFE  …The one thing that all super successful people have.There is a story at the beginning of the CD that frames this super success principle. The  [ Read More ]

“The Psychology of Winning Wrestling” by Lee Kemp and Rob Gilbert. These CD’s aren’t boring lectures on theory. They are the techniques that I and other superstars have used to become winners. AND THESE SAME TECHNIQUES WILL WORK FOR YOU REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE OR SKILL LEVEL.. As soon as you start using these tapes,  [ Read More ]

Although Winning is the Goal You Must Focus on Something else to Really Explode Your Success…. I recently read a short quote about Selling that really stuck with me. It went something like this: “To sell more don’t focus on what and how you can sell your customer… But instead focus on what you can  [ Read More ]

Wake up every day with a Purpose, Goal or Objective for the Day. Then Go After It! People Magazine called Bob Wieland “one of the six most amazing Americans of the past 20 years.” How many people have biked or walked across America? Bob has done both … with no legs. Through seemingly insurmountable adversity,  [ Read More ]

Keep the goal simple. Example; My goal is to this match vs. My goal is to be the “OW” (Outstand Wrestler) in the Tournament…. Nothing wrong with being the OW. In fact in my entire career I’ve only won that 3 times. Once was in high school. Once in college. Once in Freestyle. My goal  [ Read More ]

Winning is However you Define Success, or More Importantly…Attainment of You Goals and Dreams. But First What Could Be More Important Than Winning? Winning is the end result of a lot of things. The most important FIRST step to any GREAT success in anything is the WILLINGNESS TO DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES to get  [ Read More ]

Listen to What Harvey McKay has to say about Over Coming Obstacles  You will be surprised at who had to overcome the disappointments and obstacles thrown at him to ultimately succeed? I was. From the chart below I was also surprised at the significant triumphs in Lincoln’s life.! Bottom line there will alway be Good with  [ Read More ]

People that win all the time are not governed by circumstances, but are guided by their passions and love. Read on;  Which comes first; a successful event or outcome that changes your thinking and attitude –or– a change in your thinking and attitude that creates a successful event? The answer is Both. It really doesn’t  [ Read More ]

What we all can Learn from the Amazing Story of the Making of ROCKY. This is the Amazing Story of a man, Sylvester Stallone, that never let go of his Dream of making the now legendary movie “ROCKY”. His dream took him to the depths of Perseverance, Humility and Courage while he set out to  [ Read More ]