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In his NEW Book, “Winning Gold“, Lee Kemp shares the profound insights he discovered on his path to the pinnacle of success. It is his hope that you can open this book to any page and find inspiration that will help you win Gold in your own life. Your Copy Personally Autographed by Lee Kemp.   Autograph  [ Read More ]

Ever wonder what successful people think about, and what motivates them to be successful. In “Winning Gold “ I share motivational messages, success tips, strategies and secrets of highly motivated and successful people. Visit “Winning Gold” for success secrets and motivational messages from 3-time World Champion Lee Kemp. Click Here to Subscribe to “WINNING GOLD to  [ Read More ]

Winning is However you Define Success, or More Importantly…Attainment of You Goals and Dreams. But First What Could Be More Important Than Winning? Winning is the end result of a lot of things. The most important FIRST step to any GREAT success in anything is the WILLINGNESS TO DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES to get  [ Read More ]

Listen to What Harvey McKay has to say about Over Coming Obstacles  You will be surprised at who had to overcome the disappointments and obstacles thrown at him to ultimately succeed? I was. From the chart below I was also surprised at the significant triumphs in Lincoln’s life.! Bottom line there will alway be Good with  [ Read More ]

What Some of the purchasers of “The Psychology of Winning Wrestling” Are Saying…  To Purchase Click HERE “The Psychology of Winning Wrestling is a valuable tool for wrestlers at any level. As a coach and former wrestler I was amazed at how well Lee is able to break down the mental aspects of the sport.  [ Read More ]


“Winning Gold” by Lee Kemp  Subscribe to “Winning Gold” and you’ll learn from me how I went from an Average wrestler (with a 11-8-3 record) as a high school Sophomore (in only my 2nd year of wrestling) to undefeated State Champ the next year. This led me on a path to learn the psychological components  [ Read More ]


On Episode 49 of the World Wrestling Resource podcast, we go deep into the mind of Kemp and talk about his new book “Winning Gold” and life growing up as an adopted African-American moving from the city to rural Ohio, wrestling Dan Gable, his attempts at the Olympics, the 1980 boycott as well as race  [ Read More ]

Could There Ever Be Any Satisfaction If There Was Virtually No Chance of You Ever Finishing Other Than Last Place? EVER! … What Would Be the Point of Participating in Anything With Those ODDS?!? Winning is very IMPORTANT. I’ve done my share of Winning. Finishing First. The Gold Medal Performance etc., but putting all that aside, what’s  [ Read More ]

To Live Your Dream the rent is due everyday..! “You can never own success – you can only rent it, and the rent is due every day.” But what is the rent? What does it actually cost to achieve the success you want – in your personal life, in your relationships, in your bank balance,  [ Read More ]

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