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Do You Really Know How Powerful you Are?..! What is real power? Is it Brute Force? Money? Influence? Size? Popularity? Your Position? Your Title? The # of People You Lead? ….. etc… All of us have the ability to INSTANTLY change the course of our lives. THAT”S RIGHT… INSTANTLY… What allows us to do that  [ Read More ]

That’s Precisely the Problem.Problem. Sincerity is not needed or useful in the formula of Success. I meet a lot of people that tell me they are really working hard at TRYING to be successful. i.e., “I’m really trying hard coach”. They are very sincere in their efforts to work towards their goal and also very  [ Read More ]

If Only We Could Have the Faith as a Little Child and Believe in Our Dreams… Consider These Thoughts from Some Accomplished People: I tell people I’m too stupid to know what’s impossible. I have ridiculously large dreams, and half the time they come true. –Debi Thomas, World Figure Skating Champion. Ideals (like Dreams) are  [ Read More ]

First of all I don’t like using the word “Diet”, because it implies that “you’re on a diet”, and everyone knows that just mentioning the word diet conjurer up negative thoughts.  After all “diet” is a four letter word.  I only used it to get your attention and it seems the word “diet” does have  [ Read More ]

“Adopting an acquired pattern of behavior and thought that becomes almost involuntary as a result of frequent repetition“. If you read my last post you probably are again wondering “what the heck is he talking about?”…. This is a definition of what is absolutely essential to achieving success. It goes “hand in hand” with my  [ Read More ]

There are a Lot of Things Pulling at us for our Attention. Some of Which is Very Subtle… and Some is of Course Shouting for our Attention… We only have a FINITE amount of Attention and FOCUS. We all have a Limited Amount. Have you ever got to a point that you said I can’t  [ Read More ]

You Must Change Your Thoughts, Keep Your Head Up and Focus your Thoughts on What You Want. This is Easier Said Than Done. What I find with most people that are not achieving what they want (or just plain not happy) is that they keep looking at all the crap they’ve been through or simply  [ Read More ]

Dr. Rob Gilbert, Leading Sports Psychologist, coined the phrase GOYA (Get off your A#%). I’m coining the phase MOVE YOUR A#%. Get up and start Moving… Not just anywhere… But Move in the direction of your GOALS. YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT YOU WANT.. Right! Once You Know that… START MOVING IN THAT DIRECTION. Take a  [ Read More ]

Release the Natural Tranquilizers in Your Body. Most things in life you make yourself do. You go to school, work, practice, take a shower…what ever. It’s a never ending process of make, make, make, make, make. Try to make yourself fall asleep; you can’t make yourself fall asleep…you just fall asleep. Try to make yourself  [ Read More ]

Once Something is Stretched it never Goes Back to the Way it was Before.  Anything you actually do is first contemplated (or incubated) as a thought in your mind. When you let your mind dwell on a thought long enough something very powerful happens.IF YOU CONTINUE TO HOLD A THOUGHT IN YOUR MIND YOU BEGIN  [ Read More ]