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Don’t quit the moment before your miracle… your breakthrough… your SUCCESS! If you keep believing your breakthrough will come. Your success will come. One way to keep your dream alive is to constantly visualize your success. Role play it in your mind. Then step out of your mind and role play your future success by  [ Read More ]

There was a Sign in our Wrestling Room at Wisconisin, I Looked at EVERYDAY, that Read: “Measure a Man by the Opposition it Takes to Discourage Him” As a college athlete I knew there would be obstacals to overcome everyday… i.e., injuries, tough practices, classes and grades, competition, you name it…. etc… All I knew  [ Read More ]

The First Real Success…How do we get it when we’ve failed so many times before? We all have to realize that we don’t always get what we want…but we always get what we GET. (See Message #58) The key here is to go to your last breath BELIEVING that you can and will SUCCEED! It  [ Read More ]

POSITIVE BELIEVING is what we NEED to get the job done…. There’s a Huge Difference Between Positive Thinking and Positive BELIEVING! Was Muhammad Ali a positive thinker or a positive BELIEVER? Like him or not the guy was mentally “ROCK SOLID”. Listen to Ali Click Hereand ask yourself is this man a positive thinker or  [ Read More ]

What Does This Suggest About the Power of Expectation…Suggestion…Positive Thinking? What is a Placebo? A Placebo is a fake treatment for some medical problem that sometimes improves a patient’s condition simply because the person has the expectation and belief that it will work.Researchers have been studying the placebo effect for decades. In 1955, researcher H.K.  [ Read More ]

Don’t Just Say it…Don’t Just Believe it…VISUALIZE IT AS IF IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING! Visualization goes beyond believing. Believing is GREAT, don’t misunderstand me. Visualizing something, however, takes it to a higher level and unleashes unbelievable power. Put the desired goal in your mind and experience every facet of it like your favorite movie, played in  [ Read More ]

This is How Muhammad Ali Burned His Ships Don’t play the Video in this post until after you’ve read my post of September 22, 2007, titled “Burning Your Ships“, and until after you read my comments below: You don’t have to be a Muhammad Ali fan to appreciate his desire to win and the supreme  [ Read More ]

The best way to be sure of future of performance is to; First prepare yourself for your goal by repeatedly challenging and testing yourself in situations similar to the one you want your best performance in. This is your “Preparation/Training Time”. Your “Preparation/Training Time” must have repeated and relentless efforts towards carefully selected goals that  [ Read More ]