That’s Precisely the Problem.Problem.

Sincerity is not needed or useful in the formula of Success. I meet a lot of people that tell me they are really decide-vs-tryworking hard at TRYING to be successful.

i.e., “I’m really trying hard coach”. They are very sincere in their efforts to work towards their goal and also very sincere in their commitment to acknowledging their goal. There is a BIG problem here though…

Success doesn’t care about your sincerity or how HARD you’ve worked. or your commitment to your goal, That’s right, working hard, sincerity, dedication or commitment are not the keys to success even if you’re doing this with all your might and strength, nor is your commitment and dedication to trying with all your might and strength,

I know my mind and body shifts into an entirely different mode when I channel my thoughts on DECIDING to do something vs. channeling my thoughts on TRYING to do something.

Let me explain: I know for myself when I tell someone I will TRY… no matter what it is i.e., “I’ll try to stop by today… I’ll try to call you today…  I’ll try to get this or that done… I’ll try whatever it is… My track record of actually following through and completing the “TRY” is pitifully less than 20%. When someone tells me they will try to do something for me, I know they aren’t going to do it, and conversely when I tell someone I will try to do something for them, without fail something I’ve determined more important comes up and I don’t follow through either. I’ve calculated I only follow through less than 20% of the time when operating in the try mode. Think about it for yourself.

NOW when I tell someone I will do it, my follow through and completion is near 100%. None of us is perfect on this, but there is a BIG difference between Deciding to do something vs. Trying to do something.

Remember This: “Trying to do Something and Deciding to do Something yields entirely Different Results!”

Once You DECIDE (instead of Try) to be Successful you WILL BE!