To Really Drive Big Success You Must Do One Really Important Thing First.Big Fish

I often preach.. oh, I mean Talk about “Dreaming Big!” I like to encourage people to dream big. But there’s a key component missing from merely just Dreaming Big, and this component is more Powerful and Absolutely essential for really big success. I heard this from a good friend and when he said it I thought… THAT’S IT!  That’s what is missing from most peoples’ success plan.

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We’ve all heard about “a dream without a plan is just a wish”… Well this missing component is even more important than planning… and to some degree even more important than all the work that must be put in.

What is this important component needed for really Big Success?

Let me explain in the context of Ice Fishing… All the hard work, knowledge and technique, strategy, preparation and planning won’t help you if you hook the “big one”… the “grand daddy”… the big fish!!! AND YOU CAN’T FIT IT THROUGH THE LITTLE HOLE YOU CUT IN THE ICE!

You see, IN LIFE we CORRAL our SUCCESS inside the FENCE of our EXPECTATIONS

Don’t miss it. We Get what we Expect. It is EXPECTATIONS that Drive Really Big Success.