100 Great Coaching Sites




LeeKemp.com was chosen as one of the Top 100 Great Sites for Coaches, making the list in the Wrestling Climbing & Gymnastics Category

“A great coach can help athletes make the jump from having a promising career to having an Olympic medal. Much time, effort, and research has been put into discovering the best ways of motivating athletes and training their bodies and minds to excel beyond previous human capability in sporting activities. Coaching isn’t just for world-class athletes, though. A middle school football team or a recreational cycling class can be great ways to build athletic prowess, and professional coaches know how to help athletes at all skill levels get the best performance from themselves and their teammates. The sites on this list are kept by highly motivated, skilled, and well-trained coaches who have decided to bring their message of fitness and training to the web”. [taken from the site] Click HERE to go to the Site

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