Lee Kemp of FORZA presents the Outstanding Wrestler award at the 2012 ASICS/Vaughan Cadet Nationals in freestyle to Bo Nickal of Texas. John Sachs photo

Why is Just Eating a Good Diet Not Enough for an Athlete?

“Why is nutritional supplementation needed and isn’t eating a good diet enough?”

“What evidence is there that nutritional supplementation can improve athletic performance?”

The central reason a wrestler must supplement his/her nutrition is because of the intense physical training demands of wrestling. That coupled with the fact most wrestlers “cut weight” by dehydration and decreasing their food intake (thereby decreasing nutrition and water/electrolyte intake). These factors make it virtually impossible for a wrestler to get the proper daily nutrient and electrolyte intake from food and water alone. In a post-games survey of the more than 11,000 athletes competing in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing over 90% of the athletes said they used nutritional supplements to boost performance. Again, since wrestlers routinely limit and reduce their food and water/electrolyte intake, while also maintaining a high level training regimen and competition schedule, it is easy to see how their athletic performance can be at risk.

When a wrestler cuts weight by increasing dehydration, while increasing exercise while decreasing food intake, this will inevitably cause a decrease in rest due to the irritability of starving and dehydrating the body, the probability of the following increases dramatically:

•Decrease muscle glycogen
•Decreased muscle function and strength
•Potentially a Decrease red blood cell mass
•Increase in stress mentally and physically
•Increased risk for injury and illness

To effectively manage this delicate balance of reducing calories, nutrients and water while increasing work load (not to mention training and competition stress) nutrient supplementation is absolutely necessary.  To make matters worse, not many people get the USDA recommendation requirement minimum of 3 cups of greens per week, thereby missing a crucial part of any balanced diet. Many nutritional experts think that 3 cups of greens per week is low and recommend at least 5-9 servings PER DAY! Greens are the super-nutrients such as wheatgrass or spinach that everybody should be eating on a daily basis. Greens contain a large array of phytonutrients and antioxidants, with more vitamin C than oranges, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, and more betacarotene than carrots. An easy way of obtaining greens is to drink our FORZA STRENGTH nutritional product, which contains an entire day’s worth of greens in a single serving.

In addition to the GREENS our STRENGTH product contains Whey protein; the only product on the market that contains both. This unique combination makes our STRENGTH product a complete meal replacement with 148 calories. The Whey Protein in our STRENGTH formula is not highly heated like a lot of the other brands. Ours is produced by ultra filtration at a very low temperature to preserve the delicate GMP’s or glycomacropeptides (15% typically; 2 grams per serving), unlike other products that may have less than 10% or no glycomacropeptides. Ask the manufacturer of your protein brand the amount of GMP’s. In addition to the Whey protein our STRENGTH formula contains a Greens blend consisting of 7 different super nutrient Greens, including Barley Grass, Organic Wheat Grass, Blue Green Algae, Noni & Noni. We also have a Fiber Blend consisting of Arabinogalactan, a Mineral Blend consisting of Coral Minerals, and a Antioxident Blend consisting of Blueberry fruit.

Again this is a super nutrient meal replacement that has no equal in the marketplace. I personally take two per day. One first thing in the morning and one around lunch time. Thank you for your comments and looking forward to you and your wrestlers trying the FORZA products and I know it will make a big difference in how you and your wrestlers feel.

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