Could There Ever Be Any Satisfaction If There Was Virtually No Chance of You Ever Finishing Other Than Last Place? EVER! … What Would Be the Point of Participating in Anything With Those ODDS?!?

Winning is very IMPORTANT. I’ve done my share of Winning. Finishing First. The Gold Medal Performance etc., but putting all that aside, what’s REALLY the MOST IMPORTANT aspect to Living Life?

  • Is it Winning?
  • Is it Fame and Fortune?
  • Is it Finding Love and Companionship?
  • Is it Merely Trying Hard?
  • Is it attaining the next Goal… whatever it it? and etc.?

As I get older I realize that none of the above things were able to hold the level of importance they once did, and that drove me to try to answer the question: What’s REALLY the MOST IMPORTANT aspect to Living Life? This applies to all of us. There are people because of their circumstance are required to live out the answer to this question every second, of every minuet, of every hour, of every day.

What if you had to try with all you might and will and strength just to get up; just to move; just to talk. I think you get the picture. Through circumstance some people are left with no choice but to give it their all, all the time, just to exist.

When I see someone living this reality the answer to the question is clear to me, and it is this: “In Life we must give our best effort”. You can tell if someone is giving their best effort, and when they are, nothing else really seems to matter..