If you eat out regularly; shop at typical grocery stores; and don’t read the labels of the food you’re eating; or know how your food is being prepared; then the nutritive value of  your food is greatly compromised, not to mention your safety.  A few factors typical of the “food” commercially available in all grocery stores and restaurants:

  • Microwaving
  • Food coloring
  • Flash Freezing
  • Genetic engineering
  • Synthetic additives
  • Preservatives
  • Hormones and antibiotics (found in meat, chicken, etc.) Produce grown in soil that has been robbed of its nutrients
  • Harmful chemicals and metals (such as pcb’s and mercury in some fish)

If any of these are involved in the creation or processing of your food, then what you are eating is really just “disguised” as food. Not only does this “food” have insufficient nutritional value, it may also contain toxins which work against your body and your health. In contrast, whole foods that have not been altered or contaminated contain genuine replacement parts as part of Nature’s design.

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